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SureSmile Tooth Aligner

More adults are seeking tooth straightening solutions than ever before. For some adults, they may have needed or wanted braces at a younger age but didn’t have the financial freedom to get them. Over one fifth of orthodontic patients currently seeking treatment are in this category.

If you’re an adult considering treatment options for getting your teeth straightened whether you had braces earlier in life, have recently noticed a change in the placement of your teeth, or have an overbite that’s causing discomfort, you can use clear aligner like SureSmile to achieve your intended goal.

Although traditional braces and clear aligners both can be used to straighten adult teeth, often time aligner such as SureSmile is more convenient and comfortable option.

SureSmile Clear aligners are designed to ensure they fit comfortably, promote better oral hygiene and deliver the exact tooth movement needed to achieve your ideal smile.

SureSmile® Aligners are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces, especially for minor tooth movements that improve your smile. Specifically, they are for use with teens and adults, from simple to complex cases such as: crowded teeth, spaces and over/underbites.

While there are several similarities between popular clear aligner brands on the market, SureSmile uses proprietary software paired with our Digital Lab experts to support your dental professional in crafting your unique treatment plan for a straighter smile.

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligners combine the physical force of plastic with advanced digital planning for precise tooth movement. SureSmile Clear Aligners are created by your doctor and our Digital Lab Specialist, to help provide and an individualized treatment plan that is comfortable and satisfies your needs. Your ideal smile is closer than you think.

The Experts Behind Your Future Smile

SureSmile® Clear Aligners combine the quality care from your dentist with the skills and expertise of our Digital Lab to provide straight teeth. Our Digital Lab specialist partners with your doctor to deliver a treatment plan that will match each patient’s natural anatomy. Each aligner is custom-made to provide precise teeth movement and a quality smile. Over 90% of patients trust their dentist to provide clear aligner treatment to improve their teeth.

How Much Does SureSmile Aligner Cost

Because each case is different–some patients require more or less treatment. The total cost of your new smile will depend on the treatment plan you and your dental professional agree upon. Be sure to discuss cost, insurance options and payment plans with your dentist during your initial consultation appointment.

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