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Crowns and bridges can make your damaged teeth look like new

A damaged, decayed or fractured tooth/restoration requires a protective cap otherwise known as Crown for permanent and long term solution. Several materials such as Porcelain, porcelain with metal, ceramic or zirconia core, or Zirconia can be used to make crowns. The damaged tooth is usually re-sculpted before taking impression and sent to lab. We work with some of the best laboratories to prepare these crowns. Nowadays most of our works are digitally designed in the lab by CAD/CAM method

The bridge is a replacement for one or more missing tooth/teeth at the front or back of the mouth. The missing tooth/teeth are supported on either end by healthy tooth. Essentially a crown is connected to one or more crowns on either side. The bridge is often a great solution for someone with good supporting teeth on either side. The materials commonly used to make a bridge are same as the one described under crown. It takes about 2-3 appointments to make a crown or bridge.