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What is dental implant?

Broadly speaking dental implant replaces one or more missing tooth/teeth. For practical purposes a dental implant consists of three parts. They are Titanium alloy fixture , Abutment and Replaced tooth/ crown.

Titanium alloy fixture : This part is surgically placed in the jawbone. Titanium alloy is the same material used for knee or hip replacement prosthesis. This is one of the best bio-compatible material for the human body.

Abutment : This part is over the gum , fixed to the implant by screw and connects the replaced artificial tooth/ crown with dental implant.

Artificial tooth/Crown : This is the replaced part in the mouth. Ceramic or Ceramic-Metal combinations are the common material of choice depending on the position of the missing tooth/teeth. This is custom made in lab matching the color, shape and size of tooth.

Why dental implant?

Currently dental implants provide best replacement for one or more missing tooth/teeth. For individuals with missing all teeth in one or both jaw/s implants produce anchor for denture plates resulting in near normal chewing ability. Dental implant is a lifelong solution that eliminates tooth decay as a major concern. Hence long-term return on investment is best for missing tooth/teeth area.

How does dental implant work?

After dental implant is surgically placed in the jaw bone it integrates with the surrounding bone structure. This is known as osseointegration and takes few months depending on the position in the mouth. The osseointegrated implant helps to preserve bone and gum tissue.

Who can have dental implant?

Most adults can have dental implants. Some individuals may need bone or gum grafting to compensate for lack of tissue.

What is the cost of dental implants?

Cost of dental implant involves cost of surgery and restoration, that involves an abutment and replaced tooth. As no two individuals are same there are differences in cost. It also depends on number of visits, cost of bone or soft tissue grafting and type of restoration. Most dental insurances cover part of the surgery or restoration, or both. Treatment usually takes between 3 – 8 months. Cost of treatment can be spread over this period with a payment plan.

Consult Dr. Mukherjee, a certified Dental Implantologist for all your questions related to dental implant.  We accept most insurance plans which cover dental implant cost. We also offer easy financing options provided by CareCredit. Call our office at 518-482-768