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Top 7 Reasons People Want to Get a Smile Makeover: Excellent Cosmetic Dentistry Pays Off!

Getting cosmetic dentistry services can give you a nicer smile – whiter, more even teeth and a new sense of confidence and poise. But what leads people to come in and look at what Dr. Mukherjee and staff can do to renovate a patient’s smile?

Media Matters

If you’re never on the evening news or on the front page of the newspaper, you might not care that much what your teeth look like – but if you have any type of media job, or even if you only end up in visual broadcasts occasionally, that’s an excellent reason to make your smile as great as it can be. If you’re on stage, whether it’s as a student, an actor or actress, a musician or any other kind of public personality, a good smile is important.

Life Changes

Getting married? Landed a new job? Going back to the dating world? All of these can be excellent reasons to seek a smile makeover.

In fact, we often see that these types of new life situations bring our customers in to get work done on their teeth. Get “a new you” to go with your new relationship or purpose!

Tooth Repair

Maybe you got in a bar fight – or just chipped your tooth on the bottom of your swimming pool. Now your smile looks … off.

Our cosmetic dental team can fix those little glitches and make your smile look great!

Whiter and Brighter

Another big reason for browsing cosmetic dentistry providers is to get teeth whitening done.

When you’ve broken in a new pair of sneakers a long time ago, you find them getting worn and grey. You buy a new pair, right? So what about when you look in the mirror and start to see your teeth looking a little off-color?

Dr. Mukherjee’s cosmetic dentist office can make your smile gleam. This really gives you a new look – take a look at before and after pictures to understand what a brighter smile can do for your self-image.

The Perils of Aging

Getting older ain’t for wimps – and you’ll see some of the effects of aging in your smile.

Old, worn-down teeth make someone look older than they are – which is another reason our customers seek us out for innovative, inspiring cosmetic dentistry services. In addition, better tooth alignment gives someone a better look – and dentists can also help engineer a smile to match the shape of a face.

Don’t wait to see what a new bright smile can do for you! Talk to Dr. Subrata Mukherjee about cosmetic dentistry work, and get on the path to a smile makeover that you will truly be proud of. Get this important work done in a warm, welcoming environment, from a dentists you can trust.

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Dental Implant in Albany, New York

Dental Implants – What You Need to Know

Today’s dental patients have exciting new options for treatment, and dental implants are among the most popular choices.

A dental implant essentially connects an artificial tooth to the jawbone. Specialized materials create a bond and a durable fit for brand-new synthetic teeth.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

Concerned about how your smile looks? Maybe you have one or more tooth missing, or a broken tooth that is beyond repair.

No matter what the issue is, dental implants can make a difference. A dental implant can “fill in the gaps” in your smile – and have you smiling for the camera again! May be you will enjoy chewing food once again.

Long Term Benefits of Dental Implants

In many ways, dental implants are a game-changing option for patients. Many patients have teeth that are cracked or chipped. Some have other specialized problems where crowding may require tooth pulling, or where alignment is an issue. Missing teeth at the back of the mouth stops one chewing properly. Food is no longer enjoyable.

With effective dental implants, you can get a whole new set of teeth – clean, even, white teeth that work just like natural ones would!

The benefits are evident in terms of aesthetics and self-confidence. When you have a brand-new smile, you feel better about yourself. The dental implant also improves eating, chewing, and even speech. Having a full set of properly aligned teeth can really improve your ability to communicate well. You’ll feel like a new person with renewed confidence.

How Dental Implants Are Done

Essentially, a dental implant is a screw that is buried in the jawbone. Subsequently a cap/ crown or a set of false teeth/ denture is fabricated in the lab and cemented or screwed to the implant/s. That means the cap or the denture is firmly bonded into your mouth.

Concerned about Dental Implant Cost?

Dental implants are relatively expensive. But it is well worth the cost as investment in oral health is directly related to overall health of an individual. The long-term benefits of this one-time procedure stay with a person for the rest of their lives. The good news is in many cases dental implants are covered by dental insurance! Your copay can be quite manageable. Additionally a payment plan may be available for qualified individuals.

Dental Implants and Dental Health

There is major benefit of having dental implants in place that some people overlook. The dental health is related to general health – and that changes in your mouth can cause changes in your body. The consequence of decayed, missing or broken tooth/teeth can have secondary health consequences. In a person with long-term health issues like diabetes the importance of properly digested food cannot be overemphasized.

In the end, many patients are quite happy with the return on investment that dental implants provide – in terms of health, hygiene and overall happiness. “Dental implants should always be considered as an option to replace a failing or missing tooth,” says the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, explaining why the procedure is so useful to so many people.

If you’re looking for dental implants it takes time to find a qualified and credentialed professional to achieve the best result. Our team at the Albany Dental Practice is highly experienced in planning your treatment need and reaching your goal.

Call us at 518-482-7688 to schedule a dental implant consult.

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